Virtueller Manager


As a trainer and manager scout the player market for fresh talents and train them for your team.

Find the best strategy for every event, instruct your team to play aggressively and even set their nutrition plan. Spy and sabotage your opponents! You play in a league against other real players and on a daily schedule simulated sports events take place!

The virtual-manager-platform is highly customizable and fitting for any area of sports, be it Soccer, Racing, Ski or Handball, ...

You can found your own leagues with your friends and support them financially or with fan-sharing.


Platform Ball Sports

  • Administration of a whole team
  • Interactive match, e. g. football match with actions like player exchange
  • Any desired number of users and teams in hierarchically ordered leagues
  • Espionage of opponent teams for strategy optimisation
  • Resource management (trainer points) as strategic element and protection against long-time players
  • Tactics like 3-5-2 system and positioning of players on any desired position on the field
  • Several strategy settings (kilter usage, physical effort, fair play)
  • Implementation of new players (talent scout versus professional player)
  • Communication via forum and chat

Platform Racing Sports

  • Administration of a team that consists of a manager, a driver and a vehicle
  • Several vehicle types with the possibility to modify carriage, chassis, engine etc. serve for high complexity
  • The driver has a set of attributes (health, kilter, reflexes, skills...) and can be individually trained
  • A season consists of 5 to 30 different stages (race tracks)
  • Training, qualification and races on alternating tracks
  • Parallel interactive races of 5 to 30 vehicles each with the possibility to intervene (pit stop, strategy change)
  • Complete clan management for real team play. Users get together as groups and found clans. There's an internal clan communication and a clan ranking
  • Tables for single, individual and team rankings
  • Integrated news system