Multiplayer Card Games


Setup your deck, enhance you cards and challenge other players for real-time matches! Cross-platform play on your computer or your iOS and Android device.

Next to 1-vs-1 matches players can join tournaments, master the single-player-campaign and play an offline league version of the game.

For won matches and achievements, users earn coins to buy additional player and modification cards on the virtual market.

Example: Online version of the AdrenalynXL trading card game.

Users activate their real cards by entering codes and play against other users online or against the CPU.

The game board reassembles a soccer field. Users set their lineup and pick cards as substitutes. Special "Stadium Cards" give a boost to cards of a specific soccer team.

The players each pick a card for their attack and decide which value to use (attack, defense, gamecontrol). With the use of modification cards and tactical fouls the gameplay remains dynamic and exciting.


  • Web-version and mobile app
  • Several game modes: 1 vs 1, tournaments, random cards, League mode, …
  • Automatic Matchmaking allows for quick matches with an opponent that matches your difficulty.
  • Guest mode: Try most features of the game without a long registration. Unlock the full game afterwards by registering. Especially important for the mobile version.
  • Solo campaign with a full set of CPU-Levels
  • Monthly and seasonal ranking, Hall of Fame
  • Share content and invite friends via social media
  • Earn ingame-coins by playing or buy via PayPal, Google Play or iTunes