Pick-Em und Streak Spiele


The Pick'Em is designed for all kinds of sports and other tournaments and season-based games and events.

It it the perfect game to draw users online on a regular basis and is easy to pick up on the go on your mobile phone.

To keep the game simple and easy to understand for new players each prediction only has two possible options to bet on. A draw will be counted as a victory.

Fixtures can be created manually or generated from a data feed. They can be as simple as to predict which team wins a match, up to interesting and varied fixtures like "Ronaldo will run more than 30 km" or "Messi will score a goal with his left foot". This mixes up the common formula of a prediction game.

Using this picking mechanic the choice on how many picks are allowed at a time and how to handle false predictions leads to different game modes, each challenging in it's own way:

Pick'Em Mode

For each match/event several questions will be available and users can make multiple predictions simultaneously.

This mode is ideal to cover a single tournament or a season with limited and simultaneous fixtures.

Streak Predictor Mode

Users have one active prediction at a time. If the predictions is correct they get one point to their streak; if its wrong the streak is broken and the user has to start again with a length of 0.

The streak concept works best for a long term game with a large number of different fixtures.