Our products

Next to tailor-made solutions for our clients we have a wide range of key products that we always improve and keep up-to-date.

Fantasy Manager Games Manage your own sports team and get scores based on real competitions

Buy players from the transfer market with virtual budget and set your lineup. Reassemble your teams after each match or even during the match, with live scoring.

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Multiplayer Card Games Challenge users 1vs1 or in tournaments

Set your deck, enhance it with boost-cards or card-trainings. Challenge other users or complete the exciting Singleplayer-Saga.

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Predictor Games Predict results of actual sports events

Highly customizable platform, responsive design. Play versus other players or your associates.

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Pick'em and Streak Games Prediction games with an exciting twist

Build your streak of correct predictions. The twist: make a mistake and drop back to 0 points. Risky picks result in higher scores.

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Virtual Collection Collect your favorite stickers and swap with other users

Open virtual packs and enter codes found on real stickers. Swap 1-to-1 with a friend or create a flexible swap request for other users from all around the world.

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Quiz Tool Create and manage quizzes for you web portal

Highly flexible, topic-related quiz platform with or without levels, with free text or multiple choice answers. Video integration or Which-celebrity-are-you? Personality-tests, providing detailed statistics.

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Multiplayer Quiz Compete live with others from all around the world - everybody in their own language

Gameplay fun for all. Any quiz-concept can be adapted. Players from different nationalities play together, but every player receives the game and the question in his own language.

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Casual Games and Companion Apps Gamify your product, extend your audience.

From racing to surfing games, photo safari, multiplayer volleyball or airport management, we already realized lots of exciting projects that users loved play.

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Virtual Manager Train your own team and compete with other players

Buy talented players, setup their training plan and boost their stats. Expand your stadium, spy your opponents and build up a fan base.

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