Virtual Collection Copa América 2015 Official virtual online collection!

In analogy to the printed version of the Panini Sticker Album, Panini also offers a virtual sticker collection for the Copa América 2015. Users therefore can double the fun collecting their favourite players.

Like in the print version users can open packets that include three stickers. Users can unlock the packets by entering a code that can be found in the print versions of the packets or on several internet platforms as promo or bonus code. By inviting friends users can get additional free packets.

Via the challenge area the users get several tasks to fullfil, like “Complete team” or “Collect players”. By fulfilling the task the user can receive further sticker packets, special stickers or video clips of their favourite teams.

Users can at any time share their received stickers and unlocked fan stickers with their friends via Facebook and Twitter and can invite friends via e-mail.



Apr 2015 - Aug 2015
Panini, Kellogg's
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