NTVspor Football Tycoon Virtual football manager simulation

The highly successful Neopoly Soccer Manager has been reworked and re-designed for the Turkish provider NTVspor.

The user takes the role of the coach of a virtual soccer team. He makes all necessary decisions on a daily basis and lets his team do exercises, he goes to the transfer market, he determines his match strategy, decides on exchanges, determines the penalty shooter, encourages the players, visits them in the hospital or sends them to the team doctor.

Apart from a new game design with all-new illustrations, the extensive range of features serves for the utmost game fun:

  • Apart from his financial situation, the team manager can buy players from other users via the transfer market in a kind of auction system
  • Receive financial support by sponsors or by the sale of your self-trained young talents
  • Apart from victory and TV revenues, income can be generated by ticket sale as well, always depending on the size of your stadium and your “fan base”
  • Users can spy on their next opponent by hiring a detective; they can prevent espionage by hiring some bodyguards themselves
  • Users can organize themselves in a mini league; they’ll have their own ranking and their own chat
  • Within a mini league, fan friendships can be founded; see your associated team’s fans visit your own home games. Moreover, it’s possible to support smaller teams; they’ll profit from getting 5 per cent of the larger team’s revenues.


Virtual Manager
Jul 2008
NTV Spor
Project link
  • http://ft.ntvspor.net